Cultivating Connections: A Start to Restore Woodland Flowers at Park H – Park House Barns
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Cultivating Connections: A Start to Restore Woodland Flowers at Park House Barns

At Park House Barns we believe relationship is everything, nurturing, caring, and understanding relationships with ourselves, others, and the environment.

When we walk in our woodland it relates a sense of peace, a presence words cannot capture. To share this peace with others, we’ve decided to create a woodland walk, restoring the beautiful native woodland flowers that would have once accompanied all English Woodlands.

Our first step involves clearing a space within the woodland, to allow room for these magnificent flowers to grow. To assist us in this process, we will be collaborating with the Woodland Meadow Trust, an organisation that specialises in woodland Flora management. Their expertise will guide us in creating the optimal conditions for the growth and preservation of these precious flora.

We are fortunate to have found kind donor sites that will provide us with seeds for propagating woodland flowers. These flowers will not only enhance our woodland walk but will be shared with other woodlands, contributing to the restoration of their natural beauty.

Woodland flowers o not always find their way to newly established woodlands on their own. If these beautiful blooms have been lost, it becomes our responsibility to actively invite them, into our surroundings or reintroduce them if we desire their exquisite beauty to grace us and our landscape once again.