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Sweet Partnership: Working with Burnley FC to Craft Empowering Chocolates

We are delighted to announce we are working with Burnley Football Club for the creation and production of bespoke chocolates for the club's official shop. 

This collaboration represents a remarkable opportunity for individuals supported by Park House Barns to showcase their talents, craftsmanship, and creativity while fostering inclusion and empowerment. 

The relationship between Park House Barns and Burnley Football Club aims to celebrate the diverse skills and abilities of young adults with autism and learning disabilities, providing them with meaningful vocational opportunities in the field of chocolate crafting.   By working with Burnley Football Club, we can offer a unique and inclusive pathway for talented individuals to showcase their craftsmanship. 

The collaboration provides a platform to promote social inclusion, raise awareness about the abilities and talents of individuals with autism and learning disabilities, and foster a more inclusive society. 

“We couldn’t be happier to be working with Park House Barns. A fantastic organisation that provides great opportunities for young adults. We hope that this relationship can continue to grow and we can help Park House Barns and Autism Plus to spread the fantastic work they are doing.” Hamish Wilson, Director of Strategy at Burnley Football Club

"We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Burnley Football Club," said Michelle Lumb, manager at Park House Barns. "This collaboration not only highlights the talent and creativity of the young adults we support but also reinforces the commitment of Burnley Football Club to making a positive impact in the community. Through this relationship, we aim to create delicious and bespoke chocolates while empowering these individuals to reach their full potential." 

Our bespoke chocolates created by the young adults at Park House Barns are available to purchase exclusively at Burnley Football Club's official shop. Each chocolate creation represents a story, a journey, and the dedication of the individuals involved, making every bite a truly special experience.